Guangdong CPS Digitalised Innovation Centre for Smart Discrete Manufacturing

The Guangdong CPS Digitalised Innovation Centre for Smart Discrete Manufacturing is a provincial-level establishment with a mission of utilising cyber-physical system (CPS) related technologies to enable digital transformation of discrete manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. The economic benefits of realising a new generation of smart manufacturing can be enormous.

Pico was entrusted to provide a full range of brand activation services for the facility, including overall planning, visual branding, experience creation, spatial design and build, and creating online exhibition halls.



CPS is a multidimensional and complex engineered system that encompasses computational (ie. hardware and software) components, physical components, computer-controlled processes and highly networked communications. The Centre is dedicated to showcasing and promoting such core technologies and the concept of smart manufacturing. It achieves this by enabling visitors to experience advanced products, providing training to industry professionals, and facilitating in-depth cooperation and information sharing between stakeholders from different supply chains.

Taking a visitor-friendly approach, Pico relied heavily on visual communication techniques to create interactive experiences that would make complex ideas and concepts easy to understand and remember. The team also created an online platform of 360-degree cloud exhibition halls for remote audience access.


The visitor journey begins with a film in an audience-enveloping U-shaped cinema. Titled Smart Manufacturing – Total Mobilisation, the film features trademarked cartoon characters ‘Chuang Chuang’ and ‘Xin Xin’, whose combined names mean ‘innovation’. Together, they lead the audience through the story of smart manufacturing.

The story continues in the main exhibition area, where clear and well-organised displays inform visitors of the Centre’s philosophy, technologies, and the different industries and products that can benefit from the application of CPS. Appropriately, the presentations themselves use such high tech elements as holographic imagery, smart mobile interactive display screens and 3D Touch controls. Their effect is to maximise visitor immersion and engagement and deliver information as effectively as possible.

As well as the exhibition area, the Centre features diverse facilities and spaces for innovative research, business meetings, talent development and office operations.

Meanwhile, remote audiences accessing the Centre’s 360-degree cloud exhibition halls can participate via online interactive live broadcasts, and even make reservations for offline visits and enroll for training courses.