With COVID-19 becoming more severe in Hong Kong, Pico continues to bring its expertise to the fight against the pandemic. As of mid-February 2022, Pico had provided services to more than 30 operating vaccination centres in the city.

Currently, it has been appointed to deliver a range of community anti-epidemic facilities, including a Community Testing Centre at To Kwa Wan Sports Centre in Kowloon City and temporary quarantine centres at Asia World Expo for elderly residential care home residents. We were also commissioned for work on a temporary hospital in Asia-world Expo.

Outside Hong Kong, the Group helped to deliver a number of COVID-19 vaccination and patient care facilities in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Explore Pico’s contributions to COVID-19 prevention and control:
Seven more vaccination centres in Malaysia delivered by Pico
Pico delivers two major vaccination centres in Malaysia
Pico delivers 13 vaccination centres in Singapore
Pico to deliver 23 Community Vaccination Centres in Hong Kong
Pico builds 516-bed Inya COVID centre in Myanmar
Pico Singapore builds two halls at COVID-19 Community Care Facility
Pico Designs and Builds the Hospital Authority Community Treatment Facility at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong