Top tech trends that event profs are most excited about
Tay Ling
Vice President, Pico Japan

More than ever, personalisation and engagement will be the name of the game in 2023.

In the wake of Covid and the proliferation of virtual events, clients and audiences are welcoming an increasing degree of personalisation when interacting with brands. The metaverse is also making its mark, with brands looking to explore how it can be integrated within hybrid events.

When applying technology into events, it’s important to ensure the tech doesn’t act as a standalone element for audiences, but as a catalyst to brand storytelling that will excite and build brand loyalty for users.

Get up close and personal
Event technology will focus more on personalisation and engagement, believes Tay Ling, vice president at Pico Japan. “Post-Covid, clients and audiences want to interact and digitalisation in general is making this kind of tailoring not only possible, but more and more effective.”

Tay Ling says that one recent example of tech used in new ways for engagement is the HP Malaysia ‘Create Without Limitation’ event launch, which used a crowdsource mechanism that worked when attendees pressed various buttons on their keyboards. When all the keys on their keyboard lit up, the event launched.

“At another HP Malaysia Virtual Partner Event [staged by Pico], we introduced personalised invitations with AR technology which included a personalised video for each invitee,” he says. “This level of personalisation goes beyond just listing off attendees’ names on a screen.”

This interview with Tay Ling, Vice President of Pico Japan, was published in M&C Asia on 3 January 2023.