Advancing technology at mega-events
Lawrence Chia
Chairman, Pico Group

Mega-events and technology are playing a big part in driving the global events market. Research Dive forecasts that the global events industry will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7% and generate revenues of US$2,972.4 billion by 2031. 

Meanwhile, an Eventbrite report reveals that over 60% of respondents from generations X and Y are more inclined to participate in events this year. To attract this younger demographic, event organisers are using new technologies to create fresh new audience experiences. Let’s explore the technologies applied at some recent and upcoming major events.

Paris plans to introduce ‘flying taxis’ at the Olympic Games next year to improve transportation and provide more convenience for attendees. These new generation vehicles will include ‘VoloCity’, a drone-like device developed by German manufacturer Volocopter. Capable of accommodating a pilot, one passenger and their carry-on luggage, ‘VoloCity’ operates silently at low altitudes. As it emits no exhaust emissions, it also fits within the concept of sustainable development.

Kicking off next month in Hangzhou, the 19th Asian Games will be the first mega event to use cutting-edge tech such as cloud services, AI, 3D match viewing, VR and XR. The Games will also herald the first large-scale 3D live broadcasting of a sports event in China, allowing viewers to watch 3D images on electronic screens without 3D glasses. Additionally, the Games will feature the world’s first comprehensive sports event metaverse platform, integrating AR to create a more immersive viewing experience.

Earlier this year, Pico was commissioned to activate the opening ceremony of the 25th Arabian Gulf Cup in Iraq. It created a visual feast that combined 3D projection, laser and light effects and fireworks that impressed audiences both at the venue and online or watching television. 

With technology advancing rapidly, the challenge for event planners is to explore how and where it can be effectively utilised to grab the audiences’ attention at mega events. Doing so requires a willingness to break from tradition and create unique event experiences.

The full article was originally published in Headline Finance on 21 August 2023 (in Chinese only).

Source: Headline Finance (web version), 21 August 2023