Audi House of Progress Taipei and Audi e-tron GT launch

The era of the electric car was truly underway in Taiwan in November 2021 with Audi’s launch of the premium e-tron GT saloon at Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei. The famed German marque immediately followed with another event at the same location; the ‘Audi House of Progress Taipei’, which continued the excitement with a showcase of their complete line of electric vehicles.

Audi Taiwan harnessed a wide range of Pico’s expertise to help deliver their one-two punch, including event and exhibition activation, design and build, production, site set-up, venue management. The Pico team also managed the events’ registration, as well as planning and implementing infection prevention measures.



With the launch event placing the new e-tron GT front-and-centre, it was at the ‘Audi House of Progress Taipei’ that the team’s role in conveying ‘Future is an attitude’ and deepening awareness of the Audi brand was most apparent.

The ‘House of Progress’ venue comprised ‘water’, ‘wind’, ‘light’ and ‘sound’ zones – themes corresponding to the marque’s visions of sustainability, design, digitalisation and performance. As well as making the elements very relatable and memorable among guests, the themes also emphasised the elements’ natural place in everyday life – just as the e-tron GT and other Audi electric vehicles will form part of the Taiwan streetscape.

Guests were led through the four zones by a guide, whose clear explanations of points of interest further helped their immersion in Audi’s core values. A range of COVID-19 prevention measures were in place throughout the venue to ensure the safety of all participants amid the event’s ‘electric’ atmosphere.