Taiwan Beer Pavilion at Guangzhou Asian Games

The 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, presented many companies with an opportunity to convey a positive brand image to a large and diverse audience of local and international visitors. Among these companies was Taiwan Beer, a brand that is both synonymous with Taiwanese culture and the island’s best selling beer. It saw a partnership with the Games as an excellent means of ‘testing the waters’ in the mainland China market.


The resulting 247 square-metre Taiwan Beer Pavilion was designed to create a strong impression of the brand’s image. The refreshing taste was conveyed through white floating beer foam as it splashed over the rim of a glass, through a golden sea of beer and through its unique green bottle shape. Inside, visitors encounter an information desk whimsically designed to resemble the handle of a beer mug.

The Pavilion’s full-height glass cladding ensures that the interior spaces are awash with natural light during the day, while also allowing clear visibility through the building to key exhibits. Energy-efficient LED units augment the natural lighting and can be manipulated to produce striking illumination effects.