HP Indonesia – Play to Progress Virtual Launch

Gaming is more popular than ever, in many ways having surpassed the status of pastime and become a bona fide lifestyle. In Indonesia alone, since the country’s lockdown, the number of gamers is likely to have grown, with the activity increasingly taking on a role in creating communities and building personal bonds. It has made HP Indonesia’s recent online unveiling of the latest gaming PCs from HP – OMEN by HP 16 and Victus by HP 16 – a truly milestone launch event.



With Indonesia in lockdown, the project team faced the challenge of bringing the excitement and engagement of the launch to a largely housebound audience of gamers, media and partners. Seizing on the #PlaytoProgress theme, they developed the launch as a virtual interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ affair, enriched with product commentary from professional gamers and key HP Indonesia staff, AR content, Q&A opportunities, and a lucky draw.


Infinity-Pico was appointed to shape the launch with a comprehensive array of services, including campaign planning, content and EDM creation, platform management, editing and producing interactive gamified video, holographic content and product AR. Additional responsibilities involved KOL, contest and platform management, communication design development, strategic insights, and swag production and delivery.

Primed by an online pre-event campaign, launch guests were greeted to the platform and informed on its gamified format by a holographic emcee. Scanning a QR code then unlocked the launch in the form of a personalised video journey through different product experiences. As in a game, visitors’ own choices would determine their route through the story.

Filmed in Singapore and Indonesia, the video featured an Indonesian gaming celebrity who shared her experiences using the gaming format, plus product commentary from professional gamers and key HP Indonesia staff. Further interactive features included multiple choice quizzes which helped users learn more about the new products, the industry and the experience. While encouraging strong user engagement, the ‘Play to Progress’ format also yielded a wealth of valuable data on the content’s performance as well as the users themselves.

The event wrapped up with a Q&A session for media and bloggers, a lucky draw, and most impressively, an AR experience which enabled users to ‘see’ the new PCs in their own homes.


HP Indonesia expressed great satisfaction with the event’s outcome. Among the results:

  • near 90% turn-up rate
  • over 100 media, reviewers, bloggers attendees
  • over 200 partner attendees


“In all my years at HP, the spirit of innovation has never been stronger. I was very excited to participate in this innovative gamified virtual presentation, which involved and included the audience through interactive fun.”

– Fiona Lee, Managing Director, HP Indonesia