Where is brand experience headed?
Gregory Crandall
Senior Vice President, Global Activation Team

Along with a return to live events, the MICE industry has witnessed a shift towards hybrid experiences featuring both physical and digital elements.

A market survey last month by global brand activation agency Pico found that across the board, everyone missed live events, with over 64% of respondents describing them as ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’.

An integrated approach
While it seems human-to-human interaction and live events are a priority for audiences and brands, a shift towards offering both physical and digital experiences looks set to stay.

“In 2021 we found that 90% of our clients said they were focused on hybrid events. Today, as live events start to return, 47% still find hybrid ‘extremely’ or ‘highly important’,” says Gregory Crandall, senior vice president, global activation team, Pico Group. "It appears we are evolving toward an integrated approach to events which gives audiences and brand technology choices in how to engage."


The above was extracted from an interview of Gregory Crandall, Senior Vice President, Global Activation Team, published online by Campaign Asia on 22 September 2022.