The 14th China (Anhui) International Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo

At the 14th China (Anhui) International Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo’s (‘ACE Expo’) first-ever online exhibition, more than 200 brands showcased their latest technology products across seven themed zones and five pavilions, with the Expo programme also featuring ‘exhibition’, ‘industry forum’ and ‘business meeting’ sessions.



The primary task of the Expo’s online presence was to engage a wider audience for exhibitors even amid pandemic-related restrictions. To meet this need, the Pico team was appointed by the organiser to develop an online digital intelligence exhibition platform with an emphasis on easy interactions, communications, transactions and negotiations between exhibitors and visitors. Importantly, the platform also provided 24/7 online exhibition services and allowed exhibitors and visitors from around the world to continue to connect even if the physical programme was disrupted.

Also incorporated into the platform were aspects of product design, intelligent manufacturing, scene integration and products marketing. The team also collaborated with JD’s ‘618 Shopping Festival’ event to offer exhibitors listings on JD’s online shop, thus boosting both traffic and sales for the organiser’s platform. A wide range of promotions with personalised content across multiple social media platforms helped to maximise the exhibition’s exposure.



Pico was appointed to design and develop the Expo’s online platform with online operation and social media content operation services on WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu and other social media.

As ACE Expo showcases a wide field of the consumer electronics industry – from the latest products to the latest trends – the Pico team used 3D web engine rendering tech to make the online platform a user-friendly twin of the physical exhibition centre. Lifelike and immersive, visitors could ‘walk’ around the online Expo just as they would at the physical event. Visitors can also access JD’s online shops through the Expo platform easily.

‘Cloud streaming’ meanwhile ensured a smooth visiting experience and supported voice recognition and Chinese-English subtitle services, helping to breach the language barrier and ‘internationalise’ interactions on the platform.

Additional business-friendly online features included private meeting services which enabled exhibitors and visitors to exchange texts, emojis, photos, videos or documents. Each private meeting was protected through end-to-end encryption to ensure safe communication.

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“For China’s household appliances and consumer electronics sector, the Anhui ACE Expo is an essential platform for sharing knowledge, displaying products and understanding the market. For exhibitors, it’s a prime opportunity to engage with consumers directly, so the exhibition experience is extremely important. Introducing an online platform was also crucial, given the uncertainty of conditions at the time. The Pico team provided an excellent immersive, interactive experience online, facilitating the entire process from visiting the Expo to purchasing products. Their approach of building a platform that mirrored the physical exhibition while offering enhanced 24/7 opportunities to connect and do business helped us expand the event’s audience and its resilience to disruption”

Yan Li, Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Operation Department, JD Technology iCity