Sideline Champions Programme at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games is among the largest, most widely watched and keenly competed athletic events in the world. The 2022 Games brought athletes from Commonwealth nations to Birmingham, UK, in a colourful celebration of sporting spirit and human performance.

Co-developed and delivered by Pico and SportsConnect for Commonwealth Games Australia, the Sideline Champions Programme offered a range of tools and information to enable family and friends to support their athletes or team members before, during and after the Games.



There were many challenges in delivering the 2022 programme due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it brought. Unlike past Games where there had been a strong supportive physical presence, it was decided that this engagement would be purely digital. A number of interactive elements would be incorporated to maximise audience engagement and enable families and significant others to be informed and stay connected whether abroad or at home.


In view of the project parameters, the team developed a bespoke web-based mobile app and virtual event. This included news specifically tailored to the interests of Sideline Champions, information sheets, and games that encouraged participation and fan sharing, all hosted in one easy-to-access digital destination.