Pico Group introduces ExQ™ Experience Analytics

New Pico ExQ™ Experience Analytics gives brands the ability to measure the impact and effectiveness of experience on exhibitors, organisers, brands and eventgoers.

ExQ Experience Analytics graphic 0805

Pico X, the innovation unit of Pico Group, is expanding the Group’s data services into analytics, machine-learning and applied artificial intelligence with the release of its proprietary ExQ™ Experience Analytics platform.

ExQ™ Experience Analytics is a new AI-powered data analytics solution designed to bring data-driven decision making and measurement into the MICE and brick-and-mortar retail industries, which have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It effectively measures, compares and optimises audience experiences to drive return on experience (ROE) and return on investment (ROI).

In today’s big data environment, with data points proliferating as we move toward virtual and now metaverse events, the costly resources needed to process and make sense of this data increase exponentially and can be out of reach for many companies.

Pico’s ExQ™ Experience Analytics enables brands to make consistent comparisons of their brand experience performance in a cost-effective manner. ExQ™ pinpoints project weaknesses using a scoring system based on comprehensive data points. By leveraging small but robust first party data sets, it helps clients understand their data, and improves their brand experiences. Data can now be fully integrated into brand activations and always-on engagement strategies.

ExQ™ Experience Analytics clients can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to ExQ™ Score Benchmarks
  • Live monitoring of audience engagement and experience optimisation insights
  • Insights into data-informed content programming
  • Machine learning and AI to identify potential issues, mitigate their business impact and spotlight new opportunities
  • Client-quality reporting, providing execution transparency to clients and internal stakeholders

In its soft launch during the last 24 months, ExQ™ Experience Analytics has already been applied to some 70 projects from a wide spectrum of business sectors globally, with positive feedback. Pico X’s ultimate vision is to help clients understand their big data through small data, and drive business impact with actionable data insights to enhance client partners’ brand experiences.

ExQ™ Lite Calculator
To illustrate how the ExQ™ Experience Analytics platform helps users leverage first-party data to create experience scores and benchmarks, the Pico X team has developed an ExQ™ Lite Calculator that lets users experiment with project variables and see their outcomes. It quantifies the impact of experiences using the metrics of ‘Relevance’, ‘Attention’ and ‘Interest’. Calculate it now to generate actionable insights: Contact Munyin Liu ( for a deeper dive into the potential of ExQ™.