Pico+ and Migu Video Technology Formed a Strategic Alliance to Create New VR Virtual Events and Exhibitions

Pico Far East Holdings Limited (HKEX Stock Code: 0752.HK) today announced that Pico+ has formed a strategic alliance with China Mobile’s Migu Video Technology (“Migu”). The alliance aims at creating online virtual events and exhibitions and other innovative platforms, in response to the needs arising from the ever-changing digital marketing trends.

Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile's Migu Culture. It specialises in online video services, offering customers diversified internet-based audio and video content.

The alliance takes Pico+’s deep expertise in exhibitions, event marketing, digital technology, experiential marketing, integrated communications and big data marketing, and combines them with Migu’s focus in content production, broadcasting, operations and distribution, and immersive experiences.

The alliance will cover the following three spectrums:

1. Online and virtual exhibitions and platforms

Leveraging platforms like China Mobile’s Global Virtual · Reality Conference, Pico+ and Migu will organize themed exhibitions and industry summits and launch new exhibition formats such as cloud-based forums, exhibitions, signing ceremonies and trading. The alliance will also create an “online VR virtual exhibition centre” for China Mobile's “Cloud VR” service, creating a social feast in the VR world.

2. VR content channels on mobile phones, TVs and VR headsets

Pico+’s 360-degree virtual exhibitions and virtual conference experiences will be powered by Migu’s capabilities in video content distribution across three major channels – mobile phones, TVs and VR headsets. The alliance will create VR content channels and unique panoramic content for users, incorporating and operating features such as cloud exhibitions, cloud forums and more.

3. VR e-commerce and online new economy

The alliance will combine the expertise of Pico+ in 360-degree 3D VR display technology with Migu’s resources in e-commerce merchandising. This will ultimately help convert “footfall” from cloud exhibitions into online consumption. The resulting virtual commerce, or V-commerce, platforms tap the potential of new economy created by VR and online services.

This strategic alliance fuses the rich experience, capabilities and resources of Pico+ and Migu, seizing the opportunities brought by the rapid development of digital marketing and virtual events and exhibitions.

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