Virtual Hong Kong WinterFest by HKTB Wins at Event Marketing Awards 2021

Organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the Hong Kong WinterFest’s ‘Christmas Town’ was created as a way to relieve the pandemic gloom with some much-needed holiday cheer. A virtual tour of Christmas Town was both safe and accessible to those staying at home or unable to visit Hong Kong. The Pico team was engaged by the HKTB to help make it a truly immersive Christmas experience.



The Pico team drew upon its deep technical know-how to build the Town’s array of 360-degree virtual environments. The team both liaised with Hong Kong KOL Uncle Siu for storytelling which served a virtual voice navigation guide, and delivered the audio post-production. Several more KOLs were recruited to help promote the site to a wide audience.

The ‘venue’ itself comprised two main areas; a perpetually snow-covered Christmas Town, and the Wonder Handicraft Street. Visitors to the former naturally converged on the large Christmas tree at the centre of town. To encourage visitor participation, the tree’s lights were ‘powered’ by visits to various lodges, the completion of different tasks within, and the sharing good wishes.

By clicking on a lodge, visitors could download WhatsApp stickers – specially created by illustrators contacted by Pico – to share among friends and family, further promoting the site in the process. Even the WhatsApp AI chatbot used to share the stickers was created by the team to ensure fast downloads around the clock.

In Wonder Handicraft Street, festively decorated houses presented visitors with video tutorials on such seasonal DIY activities as making wreaths, clay doughnuts and greeting cards. The videos’ shooting and production was another of the Pico team’s project contributions. To complete the festive experience, visitors were treated to on-demand renditions of Christmas music by famous Hong Kong singers.


At Campaign’s Event Marketing Awards 2021, this activation won a Bronze in Best Virtual Event Experience.


“This was the first-ever virtual Christmas Town with Hong Kong local attractions. We believe it was attractive and effective as it provided residents and Hong Kong fans around the world a way to celebrate the holiday whilst remaining safely at home. The Pico team offered the creative ideas and digital capabilities needed to make it a truly immersive experience that delighted and engaged users.”

– Mason Hung, General Manager of Event & Product Development, Hong Kong Tourism Board