ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee

As one of the oldest wildlife parks in the city-state, Singapore Zoo has created precious memories for tens of millions of visitors over the years. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, it created even more by holding a three-month ‘ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee’ event in collaboration with the ART-ZOO group. Pico brought it all to life with one-stop solution services.


Immediately engaging visitors of all ages were zoo animal caricatures which appeared at every corner of the celebration. An immersive ‘Happy ZOObilee Trail’ served as the centrepiece of the event, featuring such fascinating attractions as a gathering of eight large ‘ART-ZOO’ inflatable animal art sculptures that were perfect for snapping and Instagramming. Interactive trail stations offered visitors the chance to play games while learning fascinating wildlife facts, while the final stop at Pavilion by the Lake featured a colourful 21m long inflatable art playground, animals encounters and workshops. 

To further enhance the experience, children could collect Trail Booklets and complete all six activities inside to redeem a limited-edition Happy ZOObilee pin. In a clever interactive touch, the booklet’s cover could be assembled into a birthday hat which visitors could wear while exploring the zoo.