Sharing Chinese New Year love and blessings with the elderly

Pico Global Care in Action is much more than a fundraising initiative – it is our way of engaging our staff in the world around them and helping them give back to the communities in which we operate. Here in Hong Kong, we take every opportunity we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

The most recent example of this came during the Pico annual dinner held in early January. At the dinner, all our staff were invited to share their love and care with elderly people who are living alone or fall into a low income bracket by contributing a donation.

The proceeds received were then used to contribute some of the food at a Lunar New Year Dinner organised by an elderly centre in mid-January 2017. The dinner was attended by over 300 elderly people, all of whom enjoyed the evening very much.

The action fulfilled one of the crucial aims of Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment: “Community”. Pico firmly believes in encouraging our staff to care for the disadvantaged.

Pico Global Care in Action is the theme of Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment, with its focus on “Community, Environment and Employee”.