Promoting Sharing and Waste Reduction in the Community

Pico Global Care in Action engages staff members to share, care, and give back to their communities.

On 11 March 2017, Pico was a volunteer partner in “Sharing Platform”, an activity in Tai Po, Hong Kong, organised by The Hong Kong Children and Youth Services. The event promotes waste reduction by encouraging participants to share second-hand items. As its name implies, “Sharing Platform” also helps community members to exchange ideas and share their happiness.

During the event, Pico staff donated a variety of items and educated local youth and citizens on how to collect and share used items in good condition with those in need, and to think twice before they buy any new item.

According to staff participants, the community response was enthusiastic: “The event attracted people from different age groups. Although the items were second-hand, visitors enjoyed ‘shopping’ around. Seeing the smiles on their faces just made my day!”

“The participants were happy to have found useful items at the event. We also asked them to take pictures and share them on social media to spread the message.

“It was a good chance to educate them on waste reduction. People were interested in the ways of donating used clothes.”


Pico Global Care in Action is the theme of Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment, with its focus on “Employee, Community and Environment”.