Pico Global Care in Action - Recycling, reusing and giving

Pico Hong Kong invites the community to take a seat

Old furniture was swapped for new items at Pico Hong Kong in October-November – with most of the old chairs going on to start useful new careers via Pico Global Care in Action.

Rather than discarding the old furniture, the Pico team connected with community service organisations to give them new life.

The ’retired’ chairs were first triaged to weed out those suitable for donation from those which would be disposed for recycling. Of the chairs in good condition, they were re-covered for a ‘like new’ appearance by student volunteers from the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in a Go Green workshop before being distributed to those in need.

The action fulfilled the ‘Community’ and ‘Environment’ aims of Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment by simultaneously helping the needy, giving students an opportunity to gain experience in refurbishing furniture, and preserving the environment by encouraging recycling and re-use.

Pico Global Care in Action is the theme of Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment.